toronto's best savoury pies

Flakey all-butter pastry.

Gravy-y fillings.

Handmade and fresh-baked.

G'Day Mate!

Forget a slice of pie, Aussie meat pies are meant for one. Individually portioned, and made with a flakey pastry and saucy inside – these pies are perfect for lunch, dinner, brekkie or late night bite.

An Aussie pie filling is traditionally a minced or chunky steak with a savoury gravy, served with tomato sauce (ketchup). We make a mean Traditional Pie with minced beef and killer gravy… as well other delicious varieties – butter chicken, pepper steak, and creamy zucchini for example.


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65 Duncan Street, Toronto
Tel 416-324-9174
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Sat & Sun 11am-8pm

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199 Bay St C-142, PATH
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Kanga Aussie Lunch Combo

Kanga Aussie Lunch Combo


Whether it’s for a meeting, a party, or a wedding, we can cater any size of gathering! You can download our catering menu here.

If you’re not sure what to order, just leave it to us. We’re meat pie experts! – we can draw up the perfect menu, including a variety of meat pies (incl. veggie options), appetizer sized rolls, and Aussie salad for $10.75/person when you order directly through us by calling or emailing Susan. 

We deliver right to your doorstep!

For catering inquiries, please contact Susan at 416-324-9174 or email us at catering@eatkanga.com.

*If possible, we really appreciate 24 hours' notice on catering orders!


You can find us on all of the popular takeout and delivery platforms in Toronto.
UbereatsFoodoraDoordashmaegan and Ritual

Delivery is limited to Toronto.

Contact us for info on delivery of catering orders – we’re happy to work with you to accommodate your catering delivery needs!

Take home a box of 4 frozen pies for $24

Baking instructions:

  1. Make it easy for yourself - start from frozen!
    (If your pies do thaw, see below)
  2. Lightly egg wash pies
  3. Bake at 385°F for 45-55 min until the top is deep golden brown
    *For pies that have thawed, bake 35-45 mins
  4. Allow to cool for 15 mins

 Cheers mate! Enjoy!

The Pie Queens

We’re two adventurous mates with a passion for food and love of travel. Back in 2010, we both lived in Australia and discovered the deliciousness that is an Aussie meat pie. It was the perfect setting: Sun, sand, beach… and pies! Quickly adapting to the land down under, we found it very convenient to grab a pie after a surf, or after the bar. Soon, we were like the locals stopping at the local bakeshop for a takeaway lunch pie.

It would be a shame if Toronto never experienced the true blue experience of an Aussie meat pie. Thus, Kanga was born. We started making pies in Oct 2012 and you’ve been loving them ever since. Thank you Toronto!

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